Birthday Parties

During a party, the children select and hand-stuff their own plush pal, make a wish before tucking it safely inside their new best friend. The party then continues with either designing their animal t-shirt or picking the perfect outfit (depending on the party package chosen). The excitement concludes with our animal bingo game where everyone who plays gets a prize. Each child receives a paw print bag to safely carry their creation home.  The activity and goody bag all in one!  

Both party packages are priced at $23 per child, with a minimum of 10 required.



Party Fest #1

Includes an assortment of 16" Wishkers, stuffing, wish certificates, design your own animal t-shirts, and paw print bags.


Party Fest #2

Includes an assortment of 8" Wishkers, stuffing, wish stars, a selection of outfits, and paw print travel bags.


Party in a Box

Perfect for those who want to help the children themselves. Available in both Party Fest options. Shipped directly to you.

 $20 per child, minimum of 10 required, plus shipping.

Download free birthday party printable invitation

invitation (pdf)